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  • Evolution of an Internet of Things, Nixie Graduation Cap

    LEDs get boring, fast. What better way to showcase my time as an engineer/computer-science than with an internet-connected nixie graduation cap! This project has been in the works for a little over a year. This may be the world's first 200V+ powered mortarboard. Don't worry - the current is low! Safety is paramount. My first design attempt (for my undergraduate commencement) was somewhat inadequate. Poor PCB design mixed with exposed wiring made for a particularly poor graduation cap. That said, I wore it proudly and without issue. The second design attempt (for my masters commencement) proved far safer and elegant. I swapped out Soviet symbol specific tubes (IN-19s) for US alphanumerics (Burroughs 5971s). Rather than on-board lithiums, I elected to extend a line from a 12V power-supply in my pocket. A custom iOS application submits text to a local HTML server hosted by the on-board microcontroller. I am already working on the third iteration of the graduation cap - an intelligent array of ZM1350s! Two design patent applications have been filed on the ornamental character of the graduation caps. Additional information to come!

    Masters II: Aeronautics and Astronautics at Stanford 2023

  • Masters I: Computer Science at Georgia Tech 2020

  • Undergraduate: Biomedical Engineering and Public Policy at Georgia Tech 2018

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