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  • Captain Mahdi Al-Husseini is an active-duty aeromedical evacuations officer stationed at Fort Novosel, Alabama. He pilots an HH-60M Black Hawk helicopter to evacuate wounded Soldiers to hospitals. Mahdi graduated with his BS in Biomedical Engineering and MS in Computer Science from Georgia Tech, and is further enrolled at Stanford and Purdue, where he studies Aeronautics and Electrical Engineering respectively. Mahdi is a registered patent agent, professional engineer, and inventor with more than 30 patents and patent applications, several of which have been acquired by the military and industry. He previously supported the 25th Infantry Division as its Director of Innovation. Mahdi is a high-altitude military parachutist with over 100 jumps and enjoys skydiving on the weekends. DUSTOFF!

    Active research areas include:
    • Manned-Unmanned Aircraft Teaming for Wildfire Surveillance and Suppression
    • Optimized Aeromedical Evacuation Dispatching in Non-Contiguous Environments
    • Hoist Operations with Overwater Ambulance Exchange Points to Extend Reach
    • Heterogeneous Robot Teams for Civiliand and Combat Search and Rescue
    • Control Systems for Stabilizing Helicopter Hoist Operations

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